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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Dörner

PD Dr. Robert Grisenti

PD Dr. Till Jahnke

Prof. Dr. Horst Schmidt-Böcking
Stefan Lyson Professor

We try to watch the correlated "dance" of electrons in atoms and molecules by using synchrotron radiation, ultrafast laser pulses, free electron lasers and ion beams and viewing the fragmentation with the COLTRIMS reaction microscope. Key topics are the nature photoelectric effect, the tunnel effect in strong laser pulses, the dynamics of ion collisions and double slit interference. We try to unveil the role of quantum coherence and entanglement in molecules and try watch Interatomic Coulombic Decay as it transfers energy between atoms and molecules. We explore the quantum nature of the Helium dimer and search for the Efimov state of the Helium trimer. We work on transferring the COLTRIMS technology to see cooper pairs in superconductors. For detail on previous work please click on the topics below.

recent research highlights

Imaging the He2 quantum halo state using a free electron laser
PNAS 113, 51 (2016)

H2 single ionization -
Broken Symmetry

Physical Review Letter (2016)

Observation of the Efimov state of the helium trimer
Science 348, 551 (2015)

Streaking Temporal Double-Slit Interference
by an Orthogonal Two-Color Laser Field

PRL 114, 143001 (2015)

previous research highlights