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Recent research highlights:

logo.PNG Ultrafast Preparation and Detection of Ring Currents in Single Atoms
Nature Physics (2018)
bild1.png Spin and Angular Momentum in Strong-Field Ionization
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 043202 (2018)
H2_wave_function_small.png Imaging the square of the correlated two-electron wave function of a hydrogen molecule
Nature Communications 8: 2266 (2017)
thumb.png Observation of Enhanced Chiral Asymmetries in the Inner-Shell Photoionization of Uniaxially Oriented Methyloxirane Enantiomers
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8, 2780 (2017)
Theorie_09_large-font_Dr_small.png Imaging the He2 quantum halo state using a free electron laser
PNAS 113, 51 (2016)
spin2.png Electron spin polarization in strong-field ionization of Xenon atoms
Nature Photonics 10, 526-528 (2016)
thumb.png H2 single ionization - Broken Symmetry
Physical Review Letter (2016)
interference.png Streaking Temporal Double-Slit Interference by an Orthogonal Two-Color Laser Field
PRL 114, 143001 (2015)
Catch_image_small.png Observation of the Efimov state of the helium trimer
Science 348, 551 (2015)